Colton Sandvik

Department of Mathematics

Louisiana State University

Office: Lockett 379


Fall 2022

College Algebra (Math 1021)

Spring 2023

College Algebra (Math 1021)


Fall 2021

Advanced Calculus I (Math 4031)
Instructor: Prof. Leonard Richardson

Advanced Calculus of Several Variables (Math 4035)
Instructor: Prof. Leonard Richardson

Foundations of Mathematics (Math 4158)
Instructor: Prof. Scott Baldridge

Spring 2022

Elementary Differential Equations (Math 2065)
Instructor: Prof. Michael Malisoff

Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (Math 1552)
Instructor: Dr. Julia Ledet

Fall 2022

Solving Discrete Problems (Math 2020)
Instructor: Dr. Vinicio Rios

Spring 2023

Linear Algebra (Math 2085)
Instructor: Prof. Christin Bibby


Summer 2022

Virtual ALEKS Math Prep (VAMP) and Campus ALEKS Math Prep (CAMP)
Ran through the Gordon A. Cain Center for Stem Literacy and funded through the Cain Center and the LSU Department of Mathematics

VAMP -  Helped organize, develop curriculum, created online resources, and hosted office hours for an asynchronous summer camp designed to prepare incoming college students for college mathematics. The primary goal was to help students improve their ALEKS score (a math placement exam) to ensure students were placed in a math class that would allow them to succeed in college. We had nearly 280 participants enroll in VAMP. We developed virtual assessments using MyOpenMath which involved creating hundreds of practice problems to prepare students for their ALEKS exam.

CAMP - Gave daily lessons over the course of a 2 week all-day summer camp, a well as writing lesson plans and organizing learning activities for the participants. This program ran in conjunction with VAMP to allow students to succeed even if virtual learning was an obstacle.